Massaging LegStructural Integration Massage is a highly refined system of soft tissue manipulation and movement education that releases soft tissue tension and strain. As muscle tension is lowered and joint restrictions are removed, you learn to use your body more efficiently. This allows your body to make remarkable changes in structure and function, which results in improved posture and performance. It is also recognized that this change in structure will impact the whole person, physiologically, emotionally and energetically. Some people choose this type of massage to accelerate psychological or intra-personal change.

This type of massage works well for:

  • Posture Improvement
  • Enhanced Performance in Work and Sports
  • Intra-personal Exploration

Structural Integration Massage by focusing on improving the whole body can be a great choice for those with chronic problems who have tried everything else. This is also a great massage system for those who receive massage regularly and want to go to a deeper level.