After a great day on the water, on the trail or on the slopes, there is nothing that feels better then a good sports massage. Simply put, sports massage applies the principles of massage and bodywork to athletes. As an athlete, you have special needs based upon your sport, your training program, and your motivation level. At Hood River Massage, we understand the biomechanics involved in various sports and are trained to apply the appropriate massage techniques to the muscle systems most used in your sport

This type of massage works well for:

  • Reduce muscle soreness and fatigue
  • Restore appropriate muscle tone and increase flexibility
  • Enhance training and help you achieve peak athletic performance
  • Prevent athletic injury and help your body recover from injury

Many amateur and professional athletes use massage to help them achieve their athletic goals. These athletes know that massage focused on the specific muscle systems needed for their sport can provide positive physiological effects that reduce muscle soreness, increase flexibility, enhance fitness level and speed recovery from injury.

Massage table under tent

Mobile Massage for athletic/sporting events.

Massage can help athletes achieve peak performance levels when it is used as a regular part of their training program. One of the most famous examples is Lance Armstrong who makes massage a regular part of his training program. Hood River Massage has provided massage service to windsurfers and kayakers at the Gorge Games, cyclists at the Mt Hood Cycling Classic and horse riders at the Hood River Classic Hunter Jumper Horse Show, and swimmers at the Columbia River Cross Channel Swim. Let Hood River Massage, help you achieve a higher level of performance and enjoy your sport more.